Arabic SILP


Hello Arabic learners!

My name is Ahmad Masri. I am your Arabic tutor during this year’s SILP.  I am pleased to be working for SILP for the second year. I am quite looking forward to working with you and looking forward to learning from one another.

In this page, I will post announcements as well as add material for your to view.

Please contact me at with your questions. Happy learning all!


**Please see the links below pertaining to verb conjugations. (good website for pronunciation….)


Dear students,

I hope all of you are enjoying SILP! I wanted to share with you a few things…

1. Please come and see me if you haven’t already during my tutoring sessions. I really look forward to meeting every single one of you, and we could perhaps work on some things that may not be as clear to you as you want them to be..

2. PLEASE refrain from using google translator excessively. It is a great tool to use as a reference, but not as a source! Inserting full paragraphs in English in hopes of having google translate them accurately won’t work.

3. I am enjoying my time greatly with those who have been coming to see me, however, I’ll enjoy myself even more when I can meet every single one of you!!!! 🙂

**This week’s announcement!!**

Dear students,

Please read the email below from Bob Cole; Director of Digital Learning Commons (I copied and pasted his email)..


Help us spread this crowd-sourcing project to all SILP students you may know who are continuing into a degree program here @ MIIS this Fall.

The Voices project is a collaboration between the Office of Student Services and the Digital Learning Commons.  A team of awesome second year graduate students will be collaborating and remixing the responses collected from the project to produce a spoken word piece as part of new student orientation this Fall.Word of mouth or social media spreading would be a big help.

We’ve got about 5% of the incoming class so far, and we’re hoping for a lot more!

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